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2014-2015 Marketing Communications Internship at the University of Central Florida Alumni Association Portfolio.

Brandon Chestnut 

GEB4949 CMB-14Fall

2014 Freshman Welcome Photo 

In the beginning of the semester, one of the first projects I had a chance to work on was the 4EK Freshman Welcome photo. Originally I was just coming in on a sunday to assist Jeff garner in photographing the event since I was so new. When I got there he allowed me to take the reins of photographing which was a huge undertaking, as all of the new incoming freshman were getting done with the last portion of orientation. With the help of the 4EK students we were able to get the new students to form the letters U,C, and F to resemble the UCF logo.

Once I took the photos I was then able to edit them in a way that tied back to the Alumni Association branding. It was a great first experience since I was able to help continue traditions and aid the Alumni Association in showing Alumni the incoming future knights of the university by sharing the photos in various social media outlets and through the main website.

It was a great leader ship experience also, since I was helping lead the team in directing all students on where to go for we can have the best results. We were faced with several issues of students not participating, but were able to overcome that by doing each letter of UCF one by one. Thankfully all of the students that took part in this were very helpful and were patient in this undertaken.

The fun put of this project was being able to go up about 30ft in the air on memory mall to capture the main U-C-F images. Looking down both was of memory mall from this view is something that many students don’t have the chance todo and truly puts the depth of how large the campus is in perspective.

Black & Gold Gala 2014

The next project was one of my main focuses throughout the semester since it is the Alumni Association biggest event of the year. The Black and Gold Gala is held annually and is a prestigious event that encompasses many of the values that the Alumni Association stands for. Before the event began, there was months of planning and campaigns leading up to it. One of my projects within the event was to create a video that plays prior to the official start of the award ceremony and dinner. The video was essential to the whole Black and Gold Gala since it was a brand extension of the Alumni Association. After countless hours of work, seeing my video playing in front of hundreds of people and watching them witness an effort that spotlights all of the 2013-2014 activities that the Alumni Association hosted was a great feeling.

Once the formal ceremony started, my objective was to capture photos of the general crowd and of the award winners as they walked out on the stage. Capturing those photos was vital for the Communication team and for the foundation. I was very proud to be able to be a part of such a major event of the university.

Young Alumni Flyer

Graphic Design by Brandon Chestnut and Shelby May Kirkland. Head shots provided by Award Winners

Top photo was taken by Brandon Chestnut and Graphic Design by Shelby May Kirkland.

This flyer was really neat being able to work on with shelby, since it allowed me to incorporate my UCF recent graduate photography and tie it to the message of the text. When creating this flyer, it had to follow the UCF branding, which was a great learning process for me since I had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the branding when its regards to the logos, fonts, ect. Since the flyer goes out to every single recent grad, I had to make sure that I shot an image that is bold and that grabs their attention for the flyer. By using an image that shows the Reflection Pond and John C. Hitt Library, it ties the recipients of the flyer to something that they are familiar with, since the rest of the information is so new to them as they make this transition.The main purpose of the flyer when created was to be a medium to helping aid students to making the transition into young alumni and providing them with all the information that they need. Also it was a great opportunity to make this flyer really relevant by using a recent graduate as the main image for the flyer.

A day around UCF.

"A place to play. A place to study. A place to reflect. A place to reminisce. This is UCF."

When The head of social media within the communications team approached me with ideas for a video, we than began to brain storm. Since it was such a beautiful day out, we wanted to make a video that when alumni looked at it from their phones on Instagram and Facebook they could feel like they are back in their undergraduate days on campus. I was given the task to make a short 15 second video to go out on social media outlets that engaged alumni to the current student population and to let them see how a day in the life of a UCF has become. I then took to the campus and began filming iconic spots that all alumni can relate to. Within the video you can even find an orientation team member giving a tour to possible future knights. as for the song choice, I thought it would be very fitting since it was a cloudy day and the lyrics sang “ I had a dream so big and loud, I jumped so high I touched the clouds.” As that part of the song ended the video clipped cut to a panning view of the Alumni Association building tying back the audience to the main purpose of the video.

Black and Gold Gala Award Winners

Slideshow Template Gala melanie

These slides were designed to be added to the overall Black and Gold Gala video to show the audience the award winners of the night. the purpose of adding them into the video, was also primarily to tie back the video to the event at hand.

Fall Social Media Cover Photo


Projects photo Galleries

Links to my work posted on ucfalumni.com

Here is where you will find all of my photos that are posted to the main website. As for the football games, those photos are used for various marketing purposes. They range from use in graphic designs in future campaigns, general free service to the alumni for they can view the game photos, and the photos are shared between other branches of UCF such as the overall marketing team for their needs.

Then for the Indoor tailgates, we provide full photo services to the attendees at no cost to them, and they are able to retrieve the photos from the main website, which drives traffic to the Alumni Association.

The spirit spash is a tradition to UCF that no other school has and that alumni remember for ever. SO my job was to capture all of the current knights as they take to the pond and share these vivid images to the alumni for they can see their traditions living on.

Homecoming 2014









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