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Enclosed Trailer Conversion

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The goal of the project: 

Convert a 19’ enclosed trailer into a toy hauler/stealth RV.  We plan to install a complete power system to keep the trailer unshackled from shore power indefinitely. The main goal is an off-grid trailer with enough cargo room to hold paddle boards, electric bikes, hunting/outdoor gear, and full living quarters.

This will be a multi-part series where we take the bare-bones enclosed trailer and completely overhaul it into a stealth camper. Make sure you tune in to watch each episode as we discuss highly questioned topics of DIY Camper, Van, and RV builds.

We strive to provide a wealth of knowledge of the outdoor industry, technology, productions & Marketing.

Power system:

3x 12V 277Ah Dakota Lithium Batteries ( The new model is the 12V 280Ah battery )

1x Victron Lynx Distributor

1x Victron Multiplus 3000

1x Victron Smart Shunt

1X Connect-Ease Parallel Connection Kit


GoPower Solar 800W Solar Kit


SnowMaster Expedition Series EX85d stainless steel ac/dc fridge/freezer


2x LIVE Watersports LX 12'6" Paddle Board

1x LIVE Watersports L2 12'6" Paddle Board

2x Hilltopper C9 Electric Bikes

1x Hilltopper Electric Bike Kit / Suncity Cruiser 

GrandMat Deluxe

1x Voltour Ranger 750 Electric Mountain Bike w/ Double Suspension 

Living Quarters:

This trailer will have a Twin XL Mattress, Counter/Cabinets, lights, AC, Table, ETC.

Content Development:

Our goal is to document this whole build on our Big Cypress Concepts YouTube Channel in a multi-part series. Additionally, you can find all images on this page as well as photos/reels being posted to @Brandon_Chestnut

Episodes (Tentative plan):

EP 1: Introduction to the project - Cleaning, Prepping, and Painting 

EP 2: Taking down walls, adding insulation, wiring, and painting 

EP 3: Laying floors, moving in the bed, fridge, and cabinet  

EP 4: SolarBlaster Spotlight: Installing SolarTube Skylights and Slant Blaster Vent

EP 5: RackUp + Go Spotlight: Installing Dometic RTX 2000

EP 6: Solar- Adding solar to the roof and integrating it into the battery system 

EP 7: Dakota Lithium Spotlight: Power- Setting up the 12V 277Ah batteries, Multiplus, and full AC breaker box/plugs 

EP 8: Power- Adding accessories 


Ginnie Springs, FL - Memorial Day 2023

Key West, FL - June/July 2023

Content Examples:

Mammoth Mountain ( 3.5 Million Views )

Ginnie Springs

Alabama Hills

Paddle Board



Minor Sponsors:


Standard Sponsors: 


GoPower Solar

Premium Sponsors: 


Title Sponsor:

Dakota Lithium Batteries

Logo Placement/Sponsorship: 

Email: Bigcypressconcepts@gmail.com for pricing and deliverable packages

Minor Sponsorship:

- Product Integration

- 12"-18" Interior logo 

Standard Sponsorship: 

- Product Integration 

- 12"-18" Interior logo in black

- Custom Deliverables 

Premium Sponsorship: 

- Product Integration 

- 2 Front panel logos up to 42" long and 6" tall in white

- 12"-18" Interior logo in black

- Premium logo placement, size varies upon compensation 

- Custom Deliverables 

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